Criminal Charges For Trump Over 2020 Election Meddling Proposed By Ex U.S. Attorney


Michael Moore, a former U.S. Attorney in Georgia, apparently is under the impression that there could be a strong criminal case against former President Donald Trump in connection to his efforts to meddle with the 2020 presidential election outcome in Georgia. Those election meddling attempts are currently under criminal investigation in Georgia by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who heard this week from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), who’d been subpoenaed for testimony.

Raffensperger was among at least half a dozen individuals connected to his office who were subpoenaed in connection to Willis’s investigation into Trump’s election meddling. He was on an infamous phone conversation where then-President Trump implored him to “find” enough votes to flip Georgia from Biden, although doing so would’ve required fraudulently meddling with the numbers. The call where Trump made this plea was taped. Moore remarked:

‘I do think the tape is an incredibly strong piece of evidence, and the question will be whether or not it’s admissible hopefully in a trial. There’s a lot of legal argument about that… [In Georgia,] one party to the conversation had to give consent prior to the recording for the recording to be actually admissible. And so, we know that Brad Raffensperger said he did not know it was being recorded… And I’m sure Trump is going to say that.’

Moore also mentioned that Willis would need to “ask [Raffensperger] how he felt about the president’s threats. Did he feel like he was being intimidated, that he was in fear of some reprisal if he did not find the votes, and did the threat to have some criminal prosecution weigh on his mind? Did he feel like his duties as the secretary of state were being influenced by the former president?” Moore referenced how candidates and their teams may call elections officials — but Trump wasn’t just a candidate. “If you’re the leader of the free world and you’re calling and saying, ‘Well, you may end up in a criminal case if you don’t find the votes,'” that’s not just ordinary politics, as Moore noted while on CNN. Check out his remarks below:

Trump has predictably lashed out against the Willis probe — recently, he ranted that his call with Raffensperger was actually “PERFECT.” Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — who knows firsthand about phone conversations Trump might call “perfect” — remarked: “Trump… perfectly corrupt! As with all his “perfect” calls, Trump had no idea that potential witnesses to corruption were listening in. Moreover, he couldn’t conceive of the notion that principled public servants would object to his criming.” Other revealed subjects of the Willis investigation include the Georgia arm of the scheme to assemble essentially faked electoral votes on Trump’s behalf and false statements about the election made to Georgia state officials by Rudy Giuliani. A special grand jury sought in tandem with Willis’s investigation just recently began its work. It’s unclear how this all might conclude, but in the meantime, Moore put out criminal charges as an apparent possibility.