Trump Backed Eric Greitens Gets Smoked In Missouri Primary


Eric Greitens (R-MO) left the Missouri governor’s mansion amid tawdry accusations of abusive kidnapping, kinky sex, and spousal abuse. He was the one who ran an ad starring him and his buddies bursting into a house saying they were “RINO hunting.”

Greitens got a rise in ratings when Donald Trump endorsed “ERIC.” Eric Who was never defined. The so-called “kingmaker” could not even make this Eric a senate seat. Even GOP mega-donors and Republican strategists worked for a year to oust him, The POLITICO wrote.

The Star editors wrote that Greitens had no conscience about his past actions and certainly never apologized. They wrote:

‘[A] humanizing apology for embarrassing his state on a national stage — he could have made a plea for redemption.’

But there he was bigger than life on the political scene again:

‘Instead, voters got the same arrogant, violently threatening persona they’d come to know before, amped up even further, A commercial where he and a squadron of shock troops brandished rifles to go “RINO hunting” drew scorn and horror far outside Missouri’s borders.’

The Star’s editors wrote Greitens lost amid “abject humiliation.” He lost to Eric Schmitt (R) and U.S. Representative Vicky Hartzler:

‘Greitens came in third — abject humiliation for a candidate with such huge name recognition. He never should have wasted primary voters’ time, or his donors’ money, in the first place…’

Then, there were Greiten’s allegations of  “campaign finance violations,” rape,  “kidnapping,” and “physically assaulted his ex-wife and their children:”

‘He was accused of campaign finance violations (and paid a fine and signed a consent decree with the Missouri Ethics Commission to settle — an admission he’d misreported contributions). His former hairdresser credibly alleged he tied her up in his basement and forced himself on her sexually. And since his resignation, his ex-wife has testified under oath that he physically assaulted her and their children.’

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Missouri’s mega-donor Rex Sinquefield met in secret with a GOP strategist in secret for a year to kick off a super PAC that would bury Greitens in damaging TV ads:”

‘[tS]arting in late June, about a month before the Aug. 2 primary. He seeded the group with $1 million just before the super PAC began the ad campaign that helped lead to Greitens’ defeat on Tuesday when he was running in third place as state Attorney General Eric Schmitt was declared the primary winner.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-03-at-10.05.43-AM Trump Backed Eric Greitens Gets Smoked In Missouri Primary Donald Trump Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories

And who says money does not buy power?

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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