Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Reveals ‘He’s Hidden Money’


Kelly Jones was married to Alex Jones, who tormented families of Sandy shooting victims. One family moved 10 times, another had to change its name because they were stalked by infowars listeners. When these victims took Jones to court, he claimed bankruptcy even though his company earned $800,000 every single day, according to NPR.

Divorced after eight years, Kelly Jones spoke exclusively to Inside Edition about his money. She said he hides his money in odd places:

 ‘know that he’s hidden money. I think he’s got a lot of buckets under a lot of shelves. I think we definitely saw him getting caught committing aggravated perjury.’

Thursday the parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewisell, received $4.1 million from Alex Jones for defamation. Friday’s punitive damages could bring them far, far more money. Kelly Jones told Inside Edition:

‘I surely hope that the jury returns with the verdict that will show him that this behavior is not acceptable.’

She added that her ex-husband was “truly mentally ill:”

‘Alex is truly mentally ill. To me, he should be protected from himself and others. He doesn’t have any moral compass, he lives in his own universe and he is a very, in my opinion, delusional man.’

Kelly Jones said of her ex-husband’s text messages:

‘I think you saw somebody really having a what we call in Texas a “Come to Jesus moment,,” or whatever you want to call it and I think that the cats out of the bag, and a lot of people are gonna be interested in that information.’

The media darling’s attorneys accidentally sent the parents’ attorney his phone logs containing all his texts and even his financial records, ones Jones could not seem to find during discovery. Alex Jones quipped that the family’s attorney Mark Bankston had his “Perry Mason moment.” Bankston said:

‘That is how I know you lied to me when you said you didn’t have text messages about Sandy Hook. Did you know that? ‘

Then Jones whipped out that famous sarcasm:

‘My lawyers sent it to you, but I’m hiding it. OK. If I was mistaken, I was mistaken, but you’ve got the messages right there. I think we definitely saw him getting caught committing aggravated perjury.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-05-at-9.11.57-AM Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Reveals 'He's Hidden Money' Crime Featured Media Politics Top Stories

Jones’ attorney wanted an insulting $8.00 or one dollar per compensation charge. The family asked for $150 million. Jones’ attorney closed with this:

‘Show me the receipts, the lost wages, the medical costs. Where is the credit line that was not extended or the memberships to the social organization that was denied Zero evidence means minimal damages.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-05-at-9.10.58-AM Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Reveals 'He's Hidden Money' Crime Featured Media Politics Top Stories Now the House January 6 Select Committee has subpoenaed Bankston for those phone records, too.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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