$3M Trump Attorney Already ‘Sidelined’ From Classified Doc Case


Chris Kise was wise to get his three million dollar retainer up front, because Donald Trump is notoriously bad at paying attorney bills. But there was just one problem, Kise has been benched. The attorney will stay on the legal team, but not lead the Mar-a-Lago case where the FBI seized 11,000 documents from the former president’s summer home. At least 100 of the files were top secret and even beyond. But why did the shift in roles happen?

It is not clear who made that decision. Possibly, the Florida attorney will handle some of the former president’s multiple other investigations. The 45th president faces the January 6 attempted coup investigation, the civil and criminal charges surrounding Trump Corporation, and the investigation regarding the consequences of him attempting to influence Georgia election officials, among others.

Prior to the former Florida solicitor general joining the Trump team, the previous president was stuck with the conspiracy theorist and Kraken sea monster believer attorney Sidney Powell, a much dissipated Rudy Giuliani, and several attorneys less than up for the big lawsuits their boss has been facing.

Thus far, Kise seemed to be just outside of the action on the Department of Justice’s January 6 investigation into the failed coup. Three other attorneys went to the Washington DC federal courthouse and were “arguing for confidentiality around Trump’s conversations at the end of his presidency.” These attorneys have been trying to halt a grand jury from receiving information from members of the former leader’s closest circle.

In view of the growing number of significant lawsuits against Trump, Kise’s stance has not helped his client. But the spokesperson for Trump, Taylor Budowich commented, according to CNN Politics:

‘Chris Kise’s role as an important member of President Trump’s legal team remains unchanged, and any suggestion otherwise is untrue.’

The ex-president chose Kise, because he has a good reputation, and Trump has burned through so many other attorneys:

‘[He is a] serious white-collar attorney and trial lawyer with Florida court chops.’

Not only that, the ex-POTUS’ new attorney has experience at the Supreme Court:

‘[Kise] won four cases before the Supreme Court.’

One of Trump’s other attorneys did not realize the responsibility and risk signing the FBI’s all-clear statement at Mar-a-Lago meant. That lawyer may have just received a summons about verifying that all of Trump’s top secret files were gone. They were not. Another attorney did not think to have the previous POTUS make an executive privilege argument right away.

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Kise worked on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) transition team before forming his own successful law firm that he has been running for over 10 years, Foley & Larner. In order to protect his firm and take the ex-president’s case, the Florida attorney had to resign and go as a single practitioner.

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It will be interesting to learn who put Kise on the sidelines and why.

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