Polling Shows Lauren Boebert At Risk Of Losing Re-Election


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is falling in polling of her district ahead of the critical midterm elections later this year.

No matter any Republican lean in the area, her insistence on using her Congressional position to garner attention for herself above securing progress for her constituents — in a real, substantive sense, considering how much time she spends on the former compared to the latter — could be enough to sink her campaign for re-election. Democratic contender Adam Frisch, who has a long history as an unaffiliated voter to which he pointed alongside the release of this new polling, also characterized Boebert as interested in essentially putting on a show — something opposite to what he would do as Congressman.

The polling, conducted by Keating Research for the Frisch campaign, shows Boebert with 47 percent of the support and Frisch with 45 percent, which leaves the incumbent Republican leading by an amount that’s well within the survey’s margin of error of nearly four and a half percent. In polling conducted by the same firm in July, Boebert saw 49 percent of the support, while Frisch had 42 percent, meaning the progression of survey data from recent months shows an improvement. In the new numbers, Frisch does particularly well with unaffiliated voters, receiving well over half their support, at 57 percent. In contrast, only 32 percent of voters unaffiliated with a political party indicated support for Boebert. In the survey, almost half of overall respondents — 49 percent — indicated an unfavorable view of the Congresswoman, which is five percent above the level seen in the July polling. The survey reflects the opinions of likely voters.

“We are going to beat Lauren Boebert. I’ve believed this since I entered the race, but this poll showing that we are tied makes it even more clear that voters in CO-3 want Boebert’s circus to stop and are looking for a better choice to represent their families, their businesses, and their communities,” Frisch said. “The people of Western and Southern Colorado deserve a congressperson who will be a workhorse in Washington who is focused on the needs of the district, not a show pony like Boebert who only focuses on herself. I’ll work hard in Washington to protect our water, create jobs, and achieve energy independence.”

The only major polling released publicly, per the catalog of surveys maintained by elections data site FiveThirtyEight, is the Keating Research polling for the Frisch campaign. In another high-profile race, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is only barely ahead of his Democratic challenger, Rebekah Jones, per recently released polling. Gaetz, of course, is — in a manner similar to Boebert — known for being a loudmouth, whether that’s on the subject of gun rights, abortion, or the 2020 election. Even if Gaetz ends up winning by a small margin, it would represent a dramatic change in fortunes for the Congressman, who won re-election last time by over 30 percent — before sex trafficking suspicions began circulating.