Powerful Russian Citizens Begin To Revolt Over Putin Failures


‘There won’t be any good news (from the front) in the near future.’

Even as Putin directed documented war crimes, his words rang hollow:

‘Victory will be ours.’

The Russian leader admitted he had made “errors” when he called up hundreds of thousands of ill-equipped Russian reservists with no military experience and sent them to the front lines.

Putin has had no political opposition since he jailed Alex Navalny. But one of the imprisoned man’s friends, Leonid Volkov, intends to return his YouTube activist program off-shore. The host laid the facts bare:

‘The struggle can take different forms, with different levels of risk — we can put out information, offer legal aid, do voluntary work or sabotage the work of military commissariats, some of which burn very well.’

Maybe this horrific war will soon end.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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