Approval Polling Shows Biden Rising Again Ahead Of Midterm Elections


Public opinions of President Joe Biden are continuing to improve as Election Day gets closer.

In new polling measuring the level of approval of Biden’s job performance, 44 percent of registered voters indicated they approved, which is six percent higher than the 38 percent who said they approved in polling from the same source (CNN and SSRS) completed in July. Looking at the gap between Biden’s approval and disapproval, the improvement is even bigger. In the new polling, which was completed earlier this month, 55 percent disapproved, giving Biden a net approval among registered voters of -11. In the July polling from CNN, the gap between Biden’s approval and disapproval among this group was over twice that level, at 23 percentage points, with 61 percent disapproving. Biden’s improving public standing could help Democrats in the midterms, should these Democratic contenders be associated by voters with the president.

Republicans have certainly put in a lot of work to focus their rhetoric, or at least a big part of it, on Biden, who they’ve discussed investigating ad nauseam if the party wins control of the House in this year’s elections. GOP contenders in swing state Senate races like Ohio and Arizona have also sought to tie their Dem challengers to Biden, but that strategy could backfire if Biden’s popularity improves. Although it remains low overall, the portion of respondents saying they approve of Biden’s handling of inflation is even seven percent higher in the new CNN poll than it was in July’s numbers. Now, it’s at 32 percent. In recent weeks and months, gas prices — one of the no doubt most prominent signifiers of inflation — have slowly decreased, and the Biden admin has also undertaken continuing steps to fight inflation, like supporting the U.S. production of items like semiconductor chips, which are a technological component used in many products.

Biden has also targeted shipping prices and provided support for renewable energy and U.S. electric vehicle manufacturing. In the House and Senate, Democrats are looking at a mix of prospects in the midterms, with the party favored to win the Senate but facing a more uphill road ahead in the House. Polling suggests particularly positive signs for Democratic Senate candidates in Arizona and Pennsylvania, with Democrats keeping their races close in Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin.