Senator Warnock Goes Up On Herschel Walker In GA Polling


Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is two points ahead of his opponent football star and Donald Trump’s personal choice, Herschel Walker (R). But the minister of Martin Luther King’s church continues to hold his own the latest East Carolina University Poll. Still it is a close fight for Warnock to retain his seat.

Democrats have begun to realize that Americans are not simply a one-issue population. Republicans have held tight on their message across the U.S. They are against crime, against higher gas prices, and against inflation. Never mind they offered no alternative. If the GOP continues to “peel off” voters, Democrats will lose the Georgia senate seat, lose the Senate majority, and ultimately our democracy. Experienced Democratic strategist in North Carolina, Douglas Wilson, said according to The POLITICO:

‘I don’t know if it’s going to have a huge, national wave of folks voting Republican because of their stance on crime, But I think district by district, they may be able to peel off some voters.’

The senator took 49 percent of the poll’s likely voters versus Walker’s 47 percent. That was well within the margin of error. As voters across the country have shown, most have already made up their minds as to how they will cast their votes. A mere three percent of Georgians were still undecided. And two percent would vote for neither.

Should Warnock win with fewer than 50 percent of the votes, he will face a runoff election on December 6, according to Georgia law. The poll showed that a full 56 percent of the likely voters thought that Warnock would take the elections. Only 44 percent were behind a Walker win.

In another exciting Georgia race, Stacey Abrams (D) was closing in on Governor Brian Kemp (R), but she was still remained seven points behind him in this poll. She took 44 percent of the vote compared to his 51 percent. Abrams ran against Kemp four years ago when Kemp was secretary of state and in control of Georgia’s voting count. This poll had 84 percent of the voters disapproving of Walker but 89 percent were for Governor Kemp.

The poll’s numbers were comparable to other governor races, with Kemp slightly ahead,  but far enough for Kemp to cross the state’s majority threshold. In that case, he would not face a runoff. In spite of the Republican’s gubernatorial win, the Peach State went blue in the 2020 presidential race, for the first time in three decades.

Part of the problem for Warnock has been President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings in spite of reality. POTUS carried only a 39 percent approval rating. And 56 percent of Georgians disapproved of him. Americans have a short memory. The president handled the COVID  pandemic, passed the first gun law in decades, handed out significant checks to American families, and passed an infrastructure package guaranteed to create thousands of new good-paying union jobs.

The East Carolina University Poll included 905 likely voters and was held from October 13 through October 18 inclusive. The poll had a credibility interval, which is much like a margin of error. It showed relatively high +/- 3.8 percent.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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