Voter Fraud Audit Fully Debunks GOP ‘Stolen Election’ Narrative


The 2020 presidential elections were the safest on record, and the 2022 midterms were as reliable. Republicans tried to investigate their way into voter fraud, but even two weeks after the elections, there is no evidence of “systemic problems,” The Huffington Post reported. So that means claims of voter abuses were simply about politics, not physical problems.

Every ready to capture fraudulent elections, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia designated state units for investigations. Senior Vice President of the Campaign Legal Center Paul Smith said:

‘I am not aware of any significant detection of fraud on Election Day, but that’s not surprising. The whole concept of voter impersonation fraud is such a horribly exaggerated problem. It doesn’t change the outcome of the election, it’s a felony, you risk getting put in jail and you have a high possibility of getting caught. It’s a rare phenomena.’

State Democratic Representative Jasmine Clark of Georgia did not believe beefing up the bureau was necessary, because the investigation itself could “intimidate people who want to serve as poll workers:”

‘In this situation, there was no actual problem to be solved. This was a solution looking for a problem, and that’s never the way that we Dshould legislate.’

Executive Director of Florida Rising Andrea Mercado, which is an “independent political activist organization focused on economic and racial justice in the state” said this would send “a chilling message to all returning citizens who want to register to vote.” Mercado added that many people were confused about their voting district’s imperatives:

‘You have to go to 67 counties’ websites and find their individual county processes to see if you have a fine or fee. It’s a labyrinthian order.’

Voting rights attorney with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Michael Pernick, noted that voting among those formerly in prison was “deeply concerning:”

‘We’ve heard stories about voters who are eligible to vote but have a criminal conviction in their past, and they are now scared to register and vote.’

Screen-Shot-2022-11-27-at-12.38.04-PM Voter Fraud Audit Fully Debunks GOP 'Stolen Election' Narrative Corruption Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories

The Campaign Legal Center representative Andrea Mercado called upon the state to deal with the real issues, which included “election security,” and protecting “election integrity:”

‘It’s a myth that’s created so they can justify making it harder for people to vote.’

Screen-Shot-2022-11-27-at-12.37.29-PM Voter Fraud Audit Fully Debunks GOP 'Stolen Election' Narrative Corruption Election 2022 Featured Politics Top Stories

The original voter fraud abuse unit was set up by Donald Trump when he first took office, according to The Ballotpedia. The previous president put Kansas’ original voter fraud abuse lawyer, Kris Kobach in charge of it. There was little to no abuse evident, and the Kansas native had to quietly pack his bags and leave Washington, D.C. The former Kansas secretary of state, Kobach just won the state election for attorney general in the midterm elections.

That means Kobach will be in charge of Kansas 2024 elections.

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