FBI Searching Mike Pence Home For Classified Documents


The FBI is at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indianapolis, Indiana home and office Friday morning seeking any additional classified materials in the cooperative search, according to CNN. Both Pence and President Joe Biden had classified material inadvertently packed away at their homes, turned them in, and agreed to additional FBI searches.

Pence’s attorney, who is qualified to handle classified materials, will be at the Indiana home during the search. The former vice president joined his family on the West Coast after his daughter gave birth.

Beginning in January, Pence’s attorney found a small number of classified documents. Ultimately, Pence came up with four boxes of unclassified items for the National Archives to consider.

Pence’s people have been negotiating with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to schedule the search and reiterated that the previous VP was committed to full cooperation, according to Reuters:

‘The search of Pence’s home comes at a time when both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are each facing investigations by two special counsels over the retention of classified records.’

Special Counsel Jack Smith subpoenaed Pence regarding the various investigations into Donald Trump’s failed attempts to overthrow the U.S. government. In the subpoena, Smith requested both printed materials and the former VP’s testimony.

Watch this space.

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