Trump Lawyer Forced To Hire Their Own Lawyer In DOJ Probe


Evan Corcoran is an attorney who just hired his own legal counsel. It appears that Donald Trump’s lawyers need their own lawyers just to guard their interests. Now that investigators and prosecutors have torn into the Mar-a-Lago top-secret classified documents, it appears that no one associated with the previous president is safe.

One of Corcoran’s duties during his employment with Trump was to be a buffer between the ex-president and the U.S. government. But now it appears that the lawyer felt the need to hire a well-known white-collar attorney Michael Levy. according to Reuters.

Corcoran’s law firm, Silverman Thompson, Slutkin & White was brought on board by the previous POTUS to represent the former resident of the White House’s interests during this investigation. Just recently, Corcoran hired Levy, a well-known Washington D.C. attorney and a principal at Ellerman Enzinna Levy.

U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith has been ramping up the investigation into the stolen Mar-a-Lago documents, including an argument before the court to cast out the attorney-client privilege. When a communication is made regarding a crime, the attorney-client privilege is no longer enforceable. That implies Smith has found evidence of a crime committed, which is crucial in the investigation.

Corcoran testified before a criminal grand jury regarding the hidden Mar-a-Lago top-secret documents in January 2023. However, Smith wanted Trump’s attorney to return:

‘Corcoran communicated with both the National Archives and U.S. Justice Department last year as the government sought the return of presidential records taken to Mar-a-Lago, according to documents released as part of a lawsuit Trump filed last year seeking an independent review of materials the FBI seized at Mar-a-Lago.’

A second attorney for Trump, Christina Bobb, put her name on the certification that all of the documents taken from the White House had been turned over to the National Archives. However, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 and discovered about 15 boxes of additional documents, 100 of the files were classified.

Trump has given a number of excuses about the classified documents. One of them was that he declassified the material with his mind. Clearly, that was not how the declassification process worked:

‘Levy worked with Corcoran in the 1990s as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C. In addition, Trump’s attorney’s attorney was part of the crew that represented Enron executives. firm Pauls Hastings and Mayer Brown. In addition, Levy worked as a white-collar partner at another big law firm Paul Hastings and Mayer Brown.’

The New York Times reported that:

‘[F]ederal prosecutors sought to pierce assertions to compel Mr Corcoran to answer more questions before a grand jury.’

Watch this space as the attorney’s attorneys saga continues.

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