Desperate Trump Hurls Insults As Prosecutors Gather Even More Testimony


Trump’s arguments are only getting odder, in case you were wondering.

As he faces a threat of criminal charges from the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over his part in the scheme to provide adult film star Stormy Daniels with hush money in connection to the affair she allegedly had with Trump, the ex-president is still yelling. In some of his most recent comments on his knock-off social media site Truth Social, he brought up a past occupant of the post Bragg now holds, claiming this deceased former prosecutor wouldn’t support the prospect of charges from the local district attorney for Trump. It doesn’t really matter what this other guy would think, though. Bragg was elected by the people of his jurisdiction. It’s not like he was selected by Morgenthau before he died or something.

“My friend, the late, GREAT, Robert Morgenthau, the legendary & highly respected District Attorney of Manhattan, would be spinning in his grave if he were told that his Office was even thinking about bringing charges against the 45th President of the United States & leading Republican contender for the 2024 Nomination, based on a Scam concerning Stormy “Horseface” Daniels & her now incarcerated lawyer, Michael “SleazeBag” Avenatti, working with convicted liar & felon Michael Cohen,” Trump yelled online this week.

Okay? Is that what Trump is going to try and tell a judge? “Well, Your Honor, this other guy who is no longer with us wouldn’t like this very much, so you should throw out the case.” That’s not how it works, Donald. He has a history, though, of using arguments in his public comments that were either already rejected or that he didn’t even raise in court.

“Bob Morgenthau, who was Chairman of the Police Athletic League (PAL), which Honored me on three separate occasions, was a man whose life was based on Dignity, Honor, and Respect,” Trump added. “He would not have stood for this Scam, Injustice, Mockery, and Complete and Total Weaponization of Law Enforcement in order to affect a Presidential Election!” You can’t just claim anything you don’t like is meant to affect an election. What should we do instead, Donald? Let anybody running for office commit any crimes they want? Trump’s the one trying to affect an election by making this all about the presidential race. He’s the one who joined the race with these investigations largely ongoing.