Instant Ban Of Top Fox Hosts At Government Sites Pushed By Veterans


A progressive veterans organization called VoteVets is calling for blocks on the propaganda from Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity airing on televisions at U.S. military installations.

“Disinformation divides our military and makes us less safe,” the group said in a Thursday post including an accompanying clip. “Tonight, VoteVets is running this ad calling for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham to be removed from military installation TVs. The ad will run during those shows, on cable systems serving those very TVs.” “There’s no excuse for allowing anti-American, anti-democracy, anti-military disinformation anywhere our troops serve,” a voiceover in the video says. “Ban Carlson, Ingraham, and Hannity from all military facilities right now.”

Among the recently circulating points of contention against these prominent figures in right-wing media is how they admitted either in private texts or under oath with Dominion Voting Systems to the falsity of claims of systematic fraud in the 2020 election — despite hosts and guests propagating these conspiracy theories in broadcasts after that election happened, with Biden the winner. Carlson has also recently been promoting a falsely dismissive narrative about the seriousness of what happened at the Capitol during the 2021 attack on the premises and people inside inspired by the lies Trump and others told about the presidential election that had just taken place. Carlson has spotlighted footage showing moments during that riot without active physical violence… as though the existence of these clips in any way does away with the substance of the metaphorical mountains of tapes showing sometimes brutal attacks on officers.

Arrests of participants in the riot are continuing, with recent nabs including multiple individuals who were in and around the specific portion of the crowd that attacked Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone, both among the responding officers that day. A New Jersey man who shouted in obvious reference to police to “drag them out!” after witnessing mob participants do the same to Fanone was among those newly hit with charges, and a letter originating late last year with the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., indicates there could be hundreds and hundreds more cases against rioters. The missive estimated up to 1,200 forthcoming cases and dates from when around the total already seeing charges had reached about 900.

Meanwhile, a court recently allowed for the continuance of a second defamation case against Fox over its role in lies after the 2020 presidential election. This time, the claims are from the election technology company Smartmatic.

Check out VoteVets’s push below: