Trump’s Own Staff Member Spills Secrets To Feds On Possible Major Crimes


New media reports have revealed the apparent account of an individual who has worked as a maintenance worker at Mar-a-Lago and ended up helping Trump aide Walt Nauta move boxes in a storage facility on that southern Florida property… the day before officials from the Justice Department showed up to take possession of classified documents still in Trump’s possession after he left the White House.

All of these developments were before FBI agents later raided Mar-a-Lago, where Trump has spent substantial time residing since leaving office. A report from The New York Times claimed boxes were being moved into the storage area at the Florida resort. The contents of those boxes aren’t immediately clear, but in theory, there could have been some effort to replace items in the storage area before Trump’s lawyer Evan Corcoran was involved in a search for additional documents and before those officials from the federal government showed up. The person who helped Nauta has provided details of their experience to federal prosecutors working on the criminal investigation into Trump hanging on to classified documents after he left office, a team led at present by Special Counsel Jack Smith, whose existence has consistently infuriated Trump.

Nauta — and eventually that other worker — moved those boxes into the storage facilities before Corcoran’s search, possibly indicating a plan to deceive Trump’s own legal team. Reports have suggested the investigation into the handling of the many classified documents eventually recovered from Trump is nearing its end, with Bloomberg saying announcements about potential charges could come soon after Memorial Day. The Times spotlighted in its new reporting how federal Judge Beryl Howell had previously ruled in favor of invoking the so-called crime-fraud exception around testimony from Corcoran that prosecutors were pursuing. That legal concept allows for overcoming principles of attorney-client privilege if criminal activity is suspected. Read more at this link.