“I AM AN INNOCENT MAN”: Trump Has Terrified Melt-Down After Espionage Act Charges


Trump is facing new criminal charges reportedly including allegations of misconduct under the piece of federal law known as the Espionage Act after he was found to have harbored classified documents from his time in office well after he departed the presidency.

The indictment itself, which would specifically and conclusively outline the details of the more than half a dozen charges with which Donald has been hit, isn’t available publicly yet, but Trump got right to ranting, including with a four-minute video message that he put up on Truth Social late Thursday.

After his initial assertion of supposed innocence, he then launched into broader rants in which he complained about the Biden administration’s handling of basic facets of American life like the military, as though the nation’s armed forces aren’t essentially just as ready for action as they were when Donald was in office. He complained about the military going “woke,” as though making a very basic attempt to be accommodating all of a sudden means the hundreds of billions of dollars poured every year into the Defense Department have somehow vaporized.

“This is warfare for the law,” Trump went on to claim, barely being coherent. “And we can’t let it happen… Our country is going to hell, and they come after Donald Trump, weaponizing the Justice Department, weaponizing the FBI.” He called himself innocent several times throughout the course of the video message. In general, it’s also kind of funny for him to assert that he made America “great again” during his single term in office but it’s been essentially undone by the supposed missteps of the Biden administration. Clearly, the supposed job Trump did at making the country be in a better place wasn’t all that sustainable!

In the caption for the video, he kept it going, writing: “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN. THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS TOTALLY CORRUPT. THIS IS ELECTION INTERFERENCE & A CONTINUATION OF THE GREATEST WITCH HUNT OF ALL TIME. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” This situation constitutes seemingly the first time a current or former president of the United States has been criminally charged by federal officials — and he could still face more charges, considering a federal and state probe into attempts after the 2020 presidential race to nix the outcome remain ongoing. Trump’s rant can be viewed at this link.