Longtime Army General Says Trump Must ‘Never Again’ Become President


A retired brigadier general who served in the U.S. Army blasted Donald Trump in a new video that was released by VoteVets, which is a progressive advocacy organization.

“If I mishandled classified secrets the way Trump did, I’d be locked up in Leavenworth for life,” Steven M. Anderson told viewers. “Never again should Donald Trump be trusted with national security clearance. Never again should Donald Trump be in command of our armed forces. And never again should anyone serving our country in uniform have to salute a walking, talking national security threat like Donald Trump.”

Trump, of course, is nonetheless still running for president again, and inside the GOP, he still generally maintains the support of a majority of its voters as balloting in the presidential primary slowly approaches. GOP leaders in elected office have mostly either stuck by him or refused to get involved, indicating they’re willing to at least give him a pass after dozens and dozens of well-supported felony criminal allegations filed by the federal Justice Department in a process that it’s objectively ludicrous to claim was political.

Listening to these Republicans speak, you might think the case against Trump in the classified documents matter was just cooked up by Jack Smith or Merrick Garland in either’s office. No — they needed a jury’s approval before the charges were even made official, which followed extensive investigative efforts like hearing testimony from dozens of Secret Service agents, besides a list of others.

Trump now awaits a trial. His prominent and public claims that he was legally provided essentially unilateral control over records from his time in office as he, well, left office is in direct contrast to what federal law actually says, as has been demonstrated by the federal agency the National Archives, which is meant to take possession of presidential — not personal and campaign, but presidential — records. There is no grace period in which former presidents can keep harboring protected files. Watch the new video below: