White House Dents Lauren Boebert’s Standing In Her District Ahead Of 2024 Elections


Predictably, Republican members of Congress like Colorado’s Lauren Boebert recently hailed the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to effectively shut down the plans from President Joe Biden to provide hundreds of billions of dollars worth of relief from student loan debt.

The White House replied to a post from Boebert on Twitter to remind her constituents and anyone else who would listen of the facts. “The Supreme Court just blocked Biden’s $400 billion student loan bailout,” Boebert said in her original post. “Forcing hard-working taxpayers to foot the bill for people that took out students loans knowing they would have to be repaid is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! A college education is a choice, not a requirement.” And yet, in so many cases, a college education actually is in general terms required for gainful employment, and it’s ridiculous to characterize everyone with student loan debt as in the same pool of supposed freeloaders.

What about the many people who were pressured at a young, vulnerable age into taking on financial responsibilities they couldn’t really bear?

Spend five minutes thinking about it before you run to Twitter, geez Lauren. “87,500 of Representative Boebert’s constituents would have been eligible for this Administration’s one-time student debt relief plan,” a post from the White House said in response to Boebert. And the same could no doubt be said for constituents living under other far-right members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene. This is all in addition to the fact that current members of the House and Senate themselves benefited from loan forgiveness in the context of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which gave money to businesses with the originally established ostensible aim of helping with surviving the pandemic.

Like every other member of the House, Boebert will have to face her constituents in 2024.