Ron DeSantis Suffers Spiking MAGA Opposition As His Campaign Sputters Majorly


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is publicly clamoring against Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis as the Republican presidential primary continues ahead of the 2024 general election.

DeSantis was originally among those considered the best positioned to pull off an upset victory against Greene’s favored candidate, Donald Trump, in that Republican race for their party’s nomination. Since earlier highs in polling, however, DeSantis has sunk dramatically, ending up with an average of just over 15 percent of the national support per weighted totals maintained by the elections data and analysis site FiveThirtyEight. In those numbers, Trump is past a majority, though the nomination itself is decided state by state rather than just nationally.

On her personal account on Twitter, Greene responded this week to comments from DeSantis about the criminal cases currently facing Trump, which come with threats of prison time if he’s convicted — though a potential ascent by the former president back to the White House is understood by many to threaten to throw a wrench in Trump’s unfolding prosecutions. “President Trump is innocent and Ron DeSantis knows it, but is staying in the primary hoping the Communist Democrat’s weaponized government takes Trump down and gives him a chance,” Greene alleged. “This is a career killer. And the People won’t forget.”

DeSantis has been continuing to work the campaign trail, ending up with widely reported gaffes along the way. In one incident in Iowa, he derided a young girl for having an Icee, the popular frozen beverage, remarking on the amount of sugar and sparking mockery online. Others in the primary also aren’t taking off, according to the latest polls. One fellow candidate is former Texas Congressman Will Hurd, who asserted at an Iowa gathering in recent days that Trump was running for president to hopefully avoid going to prison. The event where Hurd was speaking was general in nature, and the crowd booed him.