Democrat Soars Right Past Lauren Boebert In New Poll From Her House District


Lauren Boebert’s time in Congress could be coming to an end.

A new survey shows the Colorado Republican trailing a potential challenger in the general election next year by two percent. Infamously, she won her current term by fewer than 600 votes, despite voters casting more than 325,000 ballots in the race across the expansive Colorado district. In the 2022 contest that produced those results, Boebert was facing this same competitor: Adam Frisch, a Democrat and a former member of the city council in Aspen, a city in Colorado. Frisch has been consistent in directly targeting Boebert for what he and others characterize as her insistence on bombast over actually delivering substantially beneficial results for the people of her district.

Done by a firm called Keating Research for the Frisch campaign, the new numbers show 50 percent of respondents backing Frisch, with 48 percent with Boebert, who has not substantially changed her approach to public service — or arguably the lack thereof — since nearly losing her position in the 2022 midterm elections. Most respondents also said they viewed Boebert unfavorably, with 53 percent sharing that perspective while only 42 percent communicated a favorable view.

“These poll results reflect what we are hearing after driving 32,000+ miles across #CO03 – voters in this district are tired of Boebert’s extremism & want a representative who delivers common sense solutions for their families, businesses & communities,” Frisch said earlier this week.

Frisch isn’t alone in the Democratic primary that will produce a general election challenger for Boebert next year, so his presence in that November 2024 contest is not assured. Other campaign news elsewhere in the country is that Florida Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell has announced a primary bid in the race to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Rick Scott, who will be seeking his second term next year after an extremely narrow win gave him these six years. Polling released recently from Global Strategy Group found Mucarsel-Powell leading Scott by four percent after survey participants were provided arguments both for and against the candidates and if turnout was expected to be in line with levels seen in 2020 and 2016.