House Democrats Pursuing Insider Info On Jared Kushner’s Saudi Billions


During a recent discussion on MSNBC with host Nicolle Wallace, Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) supported the prospect of issuing a subpoena that would demand copies of WhatsApp conversations involving Jared Kushner, former President Donald Trump’s infamous son-in-law.

Kushner, who had an official role throughout the Trump administration, benefited at an investment business he founded after leaving power from a $2 billion inflow from Saudi Arabia. The boost raised massive questions about the nature of the circumstances and arrangements that produced such a huge transfer of wealth between a foreign country’s authoritarian leadership and a figure who, in the U.S., spent years helping lead foreign policy despite a lack of major experience.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are hoping for a subpoena demanding relevant documents from the company that Kushner founded. Garcia is on that committee, though its Democratic members are currently limited in power because of the Republican majority. “We want to ensure and see how did Kushner receive so much money right after he left,” Garcia explained, adding: “And so our request is pretty simple. Let’s see the documents. Let’s subpoena the documents. And let’s find out why the Saudi Arabian government paid the Kushners $2 billion after leaving the White House.”

“All the documents that are available to us, we want to be able to get access to,” Garcia said when asked about the possibility of subpoenaing the WhatsApp messages that Kushner is known to have exchanged with Saudi leadership while in an official role in the Trump administration. Garcia emphasized how, unlike favorite Republican Party target Hunter Biden, Kushner actually did serve in the federal government.

Republicans have gone so far with their obsession with Hunter Biden that an impeachment inquiry targeting the president that may partly touch on areas of concern around that presidential son is possible, though no financial connections between any business dealings involving Hunter have actually been established linking the matters to the president.