Texas Democrat Demands That Marjorie Taylor Greene Be Voted Out Of Congress


Asked during a discussion on MSNBC about recent assertions from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) she wouldn’t support government funding unless certain demands of hers were met, Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) characterized Greene as simply unqualified for the current position of public trust that she holds.

As Crockett laid it out, Greene is more interested in furthering the Trump agenda than ensuring the effective handling of the federal government’s resources. If the federal government shuts down because of a lack of funding, which could happen soon after Congress makes its imminent return from the break from work in D.C. seen throughout recent weeks, Greene’s own constituents wouldn’t somehow be excluded from the delays in accessing needed services that could result. Yet, the Georgia Republican was emphatic, insisting among other demands on winding down support for Ukraine amid that country’s ongoing defense against Vladimir Putin’s military invasion.

“Listen, Marjorie Taylor Greene is not qualified to sit in Congress, and I need her to be voted out,” Crockett told viewers. “And this isn’t being said just because she is in the opposite party from me. This is being said because she continues to present a national threat to us, just like Trump did. I know that people want to ignore all of the charges that are pending against him, but it is quite serious that our national secrets were literally in the same place that he used to go and do number two.”

Notably, criminal prosecutions are among the government efforts that are deemed essential enough that a shutdown wouldn’t be expected to affect progress. Thus, the two criminal cases filed at the federal level against former President Donald Trump would not be affected if portions of the government did shut down. Greene is notably also pushing for stripping funding from Special Counsel Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor handling those cases — meaning that Greene and those in her political corner supporting the idea have essentially come up with their own version of “defund the police.”

Raw Story earlier flagged the video of Crockett’s remarks. Watch below: