Jared Kushner Accused On House Floor Of ‘Likely’ Criminal Activity Over His Foreign Ties


Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) recently took to the House floor to demand action on Jared Kushner, former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law whose investment operation infamously received $2 billion in support from Saudi leadership not long after Kushner left his always ill-defined role in the Trump administration. In that position, Kushner had been involved in areas including foreign policy.

Garcia is a member of the House Oversight Committee, where Democratic members of the panel have recently been pushing for action, in the form of a subpoena, from the Republican majority that currently remains obsessed with investigating the current president’s son Hunter and trying to tie Joe Biden to whatever exactly transpired ahead of what may end up being an impeachment vote. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), the lead Dem on that panel, has expressed concerns about the possibility that specific arrangements for the deal supporting Kushner’s later business venture were established while the former president’s son-in-law was still in an official position. Such could have violated Constitutional restrictions around officials receiving something of value from foreign sources.

“Kushner, who oversaw Middle East policy for his father-in-law, has enriched himself and his family in what is clearly an enormous grift and likely serious conflict of interest crimes,” Garcia said. “Let’s review: First, Jared Kushner conned his way to a cushy White House job with no clear job description and no experience. Then he took it upon himself to prioritize pushing out the U.S. Secretary of State so he could cozy up to the Saudi Government. Once he was close enough to the Saudis, we have records of a $110 billion arms deal between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that was inflated at the direction of Jared Kushner. Mere months after Kushner exits the White House, what happens? The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia overrules his own advisers and sends $2 billion to Kushner’s company bank account.” Garcia pushed for a subpoena.