U.S. Majorities Support American Aid For Ukraine, Rebuking MAGA Isolationism


Majorities across several major demographic groups in the United States support the aid that this country has been providing to Ukraine amid the latter nation’s continued defense against a Russian invasion that started in its present form early last year. That stance from so many Americans is in dramatic contrast to the demands from Republicans like Reps. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) to drastically curtail the support that the U.S. has been providing to the eastern European country.

The backing from the U.S. has largely taken the form of weapons shipments. (No U.S. troops are participating directly.). It’s been argued extensively that the United States has a vested, even if indirect, interest in the defeat of the authoritarianism and violence represented by the Russian attacks on Ukraine, where democratization has moved gradually forward since its national independence. And in general, it could easily be contended that U.S. weapons deliveries have helped lessen impacts on many civilians, since the atrocities that follow Russian control of an area inside Ukraine have been well documented.

In the new polling, which was conducted by YouGov in association with The Economist and ended on September 19, 52 percent of U.S. adults, as a baseline, supported the U.S. assistance for Ukraine. One-fourth of the overall total, meaning a little under half of the just cited portion, believed the aid should be increased, while 27 percent supported the aid from the U.S. at the level currently seen.

Only 30 percent from the overall pool of survey respondents believed the aid should be decreased. Among young people, meaning individuals from the ages of 18 through 29, 54 percent supported the U.S. aid, while the same portion indicated as much specifically among registered voters. Among independents, baseline support dipped to 44 percent, but among moderates, support climbed to a full 59 percent. Many Americans are just not on board with the national policy agenda presented by MAGA adherents, no matter the intensity of their assertions that they have extensive support.