Data DEBUNKS MAGA’s Claims As They Desperately Dream Of Impeachment


A survey for NBC conducted by Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies has found that a majority of Americans are opposed to the prospect of impeachment proceedings in the House, where the ongoing push from that chamber’s GOP majority targets President Joe Biden specifically. Some Republicans, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, have claimed there’s widespread support for their antics here.

It is nearly impossible that any of what’s transpiring actually results in forcing Biden from office, since Dems still hold the Senate. Republicans, though, are undeterred, seeking to shape some investigation on the basis of, well, baseless suspicions of substantial connections between the president and ostensibly corrupt business dealings that involved his son, Hunter Biden. No evidence actually showing a financial tie or other meaningfully controlling involvement has been shown. And the poll, which was completed September 19, found that 56 percent of registered voters say they do not want the House to hold impeachment hearings, which would set the rhetorical stage for potentially holding an actual vote on possibly impeaching Biden.

Only 39 percent supported the idea of the House, where Republicans have control, holding those impeachment hearings targeting the president. Five percent were not sure.

Half of respondents (again meaning registered voters) said on the next question that support from their member of Congress for impeachment and removal wouldn’t directly impact their decisions whether to back this official in upcoming elections. Presumably, some of those people would have already made up their minds against potentially impeachment-supporting members of Congress.

Republicans in the House have faced criticism for focusing so intensely on impeachment while other serious issues persist. For instance, how about the now infamous financial support provided by a Saudi leadership-backed fund to an investment business helmed by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner? That all got going not long after Kushner left a formal role in his father-in-law’s presidential administration. Was any substantive groundwork for the deal established while Kushner still held that position? If so, the ex-president’s close family member could have violated Constitutional rules around federal personnel getting something of value from a foreign source.