Ex-Defense Secretary Says That Donald Trump Has No “Moral Character”


Speaking on CNN, former Defense Secretary William Cohen, who served on Bill Clinton’s presidential team, described former President Donald Trump as anathema to the founding principles of the United States.

“Donald Trump is the founding fathers’ worst nightmare, a man who has no moral character, has no general understanding of the rule of law or respect for the rule of law,” Cohen told John Berman. “And he is someone who is trying to get absolute power by undermining every institution in our government. So he’s the nightmare of the founding fathers, and that’s what the Chairman had to deal with.”

Cohen was speaking in the context of revelations accompanying the departure of Mark Milley from the role in military leadership of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Milley has repeatedly been at odds with Trump and faced ire from some Republicans for supposed capitulation to what they like to call “woke” ideology, and the outgoing official has reportedly expressed concerns that Trump would try and take punitive action against him if the former president successfully regains the White House, as he’s now trying to do. Also the subject of reports is that Trump allegedly wanted multiple former military officers called back into service so they could face punishment within the military’s justice system specifically in relation to criticism they’d shared of Trump’s presidential term.

Elsewhere, it’s also been alleged that Trump, when a wounded veteran sang at a military event, complained about the wheelchair-using individual’s presence at the highly visible event — which in some manners does, of course, mirror Trump’s later turn away from even basic support for wounded and struggling law enforcement personnel in the wake of January 6. And how is Trump responding now? He recently claimed on Truth Social there was a historical precedent for Milley’s execution — suggesting the death of a top member of military leadership!

The GOP leaders still supporting him can not reasonably expect to be taken seriously in any claims they also meaningfully support the country’s security personnel. Footage of Cohen on CNN was earlier flagged by Raw Story. Watch the clip below: