“Morning Joe” Berates Trump As Mentally Unfit For Presidency Amid Mishaps


Joe Scarborough, a co-host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, is joining those questioning the basic capacity held by ex-President Donald Trump to actually fulfill presidential job responsibilities. Scarborough and others are pointing to the increasing examples of Trump missing the basic, foundational facts of a situation he’s discussing. At a recent event, Trump even tried to convince the crowd that wind energy production was somehow making whales “batty.”

Another example that originates somewhat further back is Trump’s insistence on describing the federal income from certain tariffs as money coming from China, whose exports to the United States were targeted by the Trump administration. Tariffs, which are import taxes, are generally paid by the people and organizations doing the importing — meaning American businesses. And some of the most infamous examples of Trump’s public commentary show a similar trend. How about his relentless insistence that the 2020 presidential election was affected by systematic fraud that has never actually been proven by any widely accepted authority?

Incumbent President Joe Biden, who is generally expected to face Trump again in next year’s general elections considering the difficulties faced by both their primary challengers, encounters criticism sometimes on age-related grounds, but he’s not doing stuff like Trump’s behavior!

“Think about this,” Scarborough admonished listeners, adding: “Biden needs to start talking about Trump being too old. Listen! This is not hard to do. He doesn’t have to wait for the writers to get off the picket lines to write his material, because everybody — this is what Donald Trump thinks, and what he’s thought over the last two weeks.” The host subsequently recapped some of the former president’s public stumbles recently seen around the country, including a moment when Trump confused Jeb Bush, against whom he ran in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, with former President George W. Bush. “This is a guy who is terribly confused,” Scarborough summarized.

Check out the video below: