Democrat Challenging Lauren Boebert Sees Massive Campaign Boost In Latest Data


Adam Frisch, running for a second time against Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), though Frisch still must prevail in the Democratic primary to actually face Boebert in next year’s general election, has reported an astronomical total from fundraising in the third quarter of this year, which ended September 30. Frisch’s fundraising reached nearly $3.4 million. Numbers from the Boebert campaign were not as quickly available, though Frisch has already been surpassing the incumbent Republican in fundraising in earlier campaign timeframes.

Frisch is the Democrat who challenged Boebert in the general election for her seat in 2022 and finished within merely hundreds of votes of the right-winger after hundreds of thousands of ballots were cast across the western Colorado district.

Frisch expressed confidence in his campaign prospects as these new numbers emerged. “Western and Southern Colorado deserve a representative who will work hard to deliver results and put the needs of the district first, not an extreme political agenda,” the candidate said. “Thanks to our generous supporters, we will defeat Boebert in 2024.” Frisch has consistently characterized Boebert as effectively out of touch with her constituents’ foundational, real-world concerns and instead focusing on bombast and political theater — a description certainly supported, in some key respects, by her actions. In Congress, Boebert has sought to rally support for impeaching President Joe Biden on the basis (in her demands) of unequivocally false claims about the southern border, which she alleged in proposed articles of impeachment filed against the president to have fallen under the operational control of foreign criminal organizations.

That has unequivocally not occurred. And then there’s her personal behavior, like the semi-recent incident where Boebert and a male companion of hers were removed from a Colorado theater after acting disruptively on the occasion of a performance of the musical “Beetlejuice.” Security footage later showed the two even getting suggestively handsy in the packed theater. In her attempted explanations, the Colorado Republican tied her actions to stress from a recently revealed divorce.