Liz Cheney Blasts Republicans For Enabling Trump While He Calls U.S. Enemies ‘Smart’


Former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney, known for opposing former President Donald Trump from inside the Republican Party, denounced the ex-president-turned-2024 presidential candidate on X (formerly Twitter) this week after Trump shared arguably positive statements about terrorists in the Middle East.

“After Hamas slaughters hundreds of Jewish families, and Israel confronts an unprecedented security crisis, Donald Trump attacks the Israeli govt and praises Hezbollah terrorists. Are Republicans really going to nominate this dangerous man to be President of the United States?” Cheney asked in the post.

Trump wasn’t endorsing their aims, just describing the violent groups as supposedly strategically effective — which itself is also not credible, just like it wasn’t when Trump applied the same description to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose military invasion of nearby Ukraine has led to defeat after defeat for Russian forces, though the violence there continues.

“They’re vicious and they’re smart,” Trump said, referring to some of the terrorist groups and connected forces opposing Israel. “And boy are they vicious, because nobody’s ever seen the kind of sight that we’ve seen. Nobody’s ever seen it. But they cannot play games.” The last bit evidently refers to Israeli authorities, who Trump also maligned in the speech, singling out the country’s right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Separately, Trump also applied the “smart” moniker specifically to Hezbollah, which has well-known operations in Lebanon, which borders Israel to the north.

Trump’s complaints with the Israeli prime minister supposedly stem, in his telling, from the country’s top brass eventually withdrawing from the preparations for a U.S. strike that killed a top military leader in Iran, Qassem Soleimani. Trump has also continuously tried to argue he can bring peace, whether in Israel or the war in Ukraine brought by Russian forces. He has yet to put forward any kind of sweeping, specific plan, instead focusing on complaints clearly eaten up by fans.