Large Share Of Americans Reject Trump’s Claims & Express Confidence In Justice Dept


Polling from this month from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that a large majority of Americans have at least some confidence in the federal Justice Department, rebuffing the desperate attempts by former President Donald Trump to malign it as he faces a bevy of legal problems, including at that level.

The polling was completed October 9, and by far, the largest group was those saying they had just “some” confidence in that federal department’s operations. Those with a “great deal” of confidence were 15 percent of the total, 51 percent said they had “some” confidence, and 33 percent said they possessed very little confidence — with that last category roughly similar in size to some of the other groups that have most avidly backed Trump in polling. For instance, 37 percent of respondents in this very polling said they had either a very or somewhat favorable view of the former president, who continues running for office again and is generally expected — save for any incapacitation stemming from his criminal cases — to make it to the general election, considering his continued popularity among Republican voters and elected officials.

Trump, meanwhile, is actively on trial in New York following the civil case alleging fraud filed by the state’s Attorney General Letitia James. Trump himself, who isn’t the only one implicated, already attended some of the trial, predictably lashing out at those challenging him while he was there — and some of his commentary led to a gag order from the presiding judge after Trump called out a judicial clerk by name on social media and even directed followers of his to an Instagram account evidently belonging to this individual.

Does someone whose actions could produce direct inspiration for fanatics to target a random member of court staff in New York with, considering precedent, potentially serious threats really have the basic temperament to serve as president?