Liz Cheney Refutes MAGA Ignorance Threatening The U.S. Standing Around The World


Former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney has a direct message for Americans as the 2024 elections near. “Don’t vote for idiots,” she told a crowd in New Jersey for a Drew University event in recent days.

She also spoke generally against hesitation in foreign policy such as what’s been expressed within the corner of the GOP perhaps most prominently represented by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). “I think it really does require a clarity of purpose, a clarity of vision, and it requires American leadership,” Cheney said amid a discussion on recent violence in the Middle East. A push is already taking shape for renewed funding in support of the Israeli government… funding Greene opposes, misrepresenting the basic, factual record in making her attempted case.

“I will be voting NO on all funding packages for the Ukraine war (as I have from the beginning) and now the Israel war. We have had over 10 MILLION people illegally cross our border since Biden took office and we are over $33 TRILLION dollars in debt with many major problems afflicting Americans,” Greene said on X (Twitter), seemingly referring with that claimed large number for border crossings to, though it’s not precisely clear, something other than a total number of distinct individuals who entered the U.S. without oversight — a distinction she ignored. Greene claimed there is already funding on deck that facilitates support for Israel in previous funding bills from the House.

Cheney, meanwhile, also continued to encourage serious, real-world consequences for Trump. “If Donald Trump himself is not held accountable, then the lesson of January 6th will be that you can in fact provoke a violent armed mob to attack the Capitol to seize power and there aren’t any consequences, and then we won’t live in a republic anymore,” she told the crowd. Quotes from the former Congresswoman were shared in a recap by the university. Cheney herself has not ruled out running for the presidency.