Billionaire Who’s Backed GOP Urges Americans Not To Make Trump President


CNN has noteworthy new remarks from Leon Cooperman, a billionaire who has repeatedly supported GOP causes in the past and is now saying that ex-President Donald Trump — currently running for a second term in the White House — belongs in prison. Cooperman says he voted for Democratic contender-turned-current President Joe Biden in 2020, and in this election cycle, he has reportedly donated in favor of struggling GOP presidential primary contender Chris Christie.

And Cooperman didn’t hesitate to rip Trump. “It would be terrible for the country if Donald Trump were reelected,” Cooperman told CNN. “He’s a divisive human being who belongs in jail.” The remarks relayed by the news outlet in a recent article did not specify any of the various charges that Trump faces as those particularly of concern to Cooperman, but there’s certainly an extensive context where his sentiments could apply. Trump faces four criminal cases atop his multiple civil cases, including the fraud allegations from New York state Attorney General Letitia James, a case that remains on trial and in which several adult children of the former president and Trump himself will soon testify.

Trump could face steep financial penalties and threats to ownership of prominent assets as this case, presided over by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, continues.

Cooperman expressed suspicions that Trump would be the GOP presidential nominee at all come 2024, but that’s the outcome that is most strongly suggested by recent polling. None of Trump’s various primary challengers are coming reasonably close to him. Meanwhile, he remains under significant threat in those cases though, with Engoron having just this Tuesday again communicated the serious prospect of steep financial penalties for Trump connected to alleged business fraud. Engoron denied repeated pushes by the Trump team for a quick, comprehensive win after the Trumps’ corner claimed problems with testimony by Michael Cohen, and Engoron on Tuesday denied a request to block testimony from an expert witness for prosecutors.