Letitia James Warns Trump Justice Is Coming Before He Takes The Stand


New York state Attorney General Letitia James is standing by her fraud case against the Trumps as former President Donald Trump continues waging his familiar public attacks against the prosecutor, her team, courtroom figures, and others.

He will take the stand in the trial next week. “Donald Trump is a bully, but he is not the first bully we’ve stood up to, and he will not be the last,” James said in a video message posted online. “When it comes to defending the laws of the great state of New York, we will not stand down to bullies.”

And the judge in this case, Arthur Engoron, recently took notably related action, having imposed sweeping restrictions now on Trump’s legal team on how they can refer to a legal clerk of his who Trump himself has also targeted. Trump was placed under a gag order specifically because of public diatribes in which he engaged targeting that courtroom figure, and he was later fined — repeatedly — because of what the judge concluded were violations, including somewhat vague comments outside the courtroom that seemed to implicate the courtroom participant.

Actually inside the courtroom, Engoron suggested the defense’s obsession with his clerk was related to misogyny. The Trumps’ corner complained about the judge and the clerk using notes to communicate, but Engoron told those present they just weren’t somehow entitled to access that communication stream. Tragically, Engoron also spoke of the court having faced an extensive series of threats in connection to the proceedings against the Trumps, showcasing some of the real-world stakes inherent in what’s transpiring. The new restrictions on Trump’s legal team block potential comments on those private communications between the judge and the clerk, as summarized in CNN reporting.