Investigations Into Trump-Tied Election Subversion Expand Into Another State


The sham electors who assembled for Trump in Nevada after the 2020 presidential election are facing a newly reported investigation by that state’s attorney general.

The individuals were those who, in that state, signed on as ostensible members of the electoral college representing Nevada and supporting Trump despite the documentation of Joe Biden’s victory there. Trump supporters assembled similarly deceptive documents in other states ranging from Arizona to Georgia.

As noted by POLITICO, Nevada state Attorney General Aaron Ford recently stated: “What I have said, and I’ve been precise with my wording on purpose, is we don’t have statutes in this state that directly address the issue.” In other words, it sounds like the state may be examining whether criminal offenses were committed that aren’t necessarily “forging an electoral college certification” but are something pretty close. Individuals who joined as purported electors for Trump in states where Biden actually won have already faced charges in both Michigan and Georgia, and Trump himself faces a pair of criminal cases, including one at the federal level, that directly relate to his election schemes.

As outlined by POLITICO, the Nevada investigation is in evidently early stages. One of those who indicated its existence was Joe Gloria, who held the position of county registrar in Clark County in the post-2020 election period when Trump and his allies targeted the state. None of the efforts from the former president’s circles ever produced evidence showing a change in any meaningful portion of the election’s outcome from fraud. A plea document from the Georgia criminal case implicating sham electors there, in which others were also charged, outlines a litany of false claims made about that state but similar in nature to other debunked allegations. The Georgia list includes the lie that more than 10,000 ballots were cast in the names of deceased individuals in 2020.