Landmark Biden Policies Score Support Among Americans Above 80 PERCENT


The infrastructure deal famously signed by President Joe Biden that has provided a financial foundation for a long list of projects since its enactment is broadly popular among Americans, per polling data from the firm Navigator Research.

In a survey of registered voters completed November 13, massive majorities backed some of the key ambitions identified to survey participants as part of the infrastructure deal. For example, 87 percent said they supported the efforts to replace lead pipes in the nation’s drinking water supply, while 86 percent said they supported the construction and updating of roadways and bridges nationwide. Even in the area of expanding the usage of electric vehicles, a majority still was in favor despite the political considerations sometimes associated with the progression into cleaner energy sources.

Some of the other areas identified as part of the infrastructure plan include the expansion of high speed internet service and updates to American airports. A full 65 percent of overall respondents said they backed the bipartisan infrastructure deal overall. And all of these numbers are, in fact, from the general group of respondents — not just Democrats or independents, indicating high levels of support among Republicans as well.

There is a notable contrast between this presidential record and what Donald Trump has been doing, with the infamous ex-president likely to face Biden a second time in next year’s general election. Trump rants on his personal account on Truth Social nearly every day, clearly unfazed by the record of his personalized antagonism of his opponents directly spurring violence or threats of it no matter his original intentions. (Those people wouldn’t have been at the Capitol without Trump!) Republicans in the House have desperately tried to make some allegation of financial corruption stick against Biden, but loaning $200,000 to his brother, which was then repaid, while out of office isn’t going to cut it…