Democrat Berates GOP For Acting Like They’re Protecting Women While Also Backing Trump


In a recent Congressional hearing, Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) characterized House Republicans as essentially hypocrites on the issue of protecting women. She was speaking during GOP-led proceedings that had been called with an eye towards criticizing the participation of transgender individuals in girl’s/women’s sports — an obsessive talking point of Republicans.

Crockett noted roughly at the outset that many Republicans are backing Donald Trump for president despite a jury holding him liable in civil litigation from writer E. Jean Carroll accusing him of sexual misconduct. The jury’s finding means, in general terms, that they backed her accusations, and Trump was hit with millions of dollars in penalties, though proceedings are continuing.

“Most everyone up here on the other side of the aisle has endorsed a person that has been found liable for sexual abuse of women to be our president of the United States,” Crockett observed. “But we are going to talk about how this party is going to protect women.” The concluding portion of those remarks was a mocking reference towards Republicans. Crockett also mentioned the opening for Congressional action on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, in which the latter group — a terror organization — has used sexual violence, evidence indicates.

“It looks like we could do something of value, but let me tell you — this session, we have set so many good records. One of those records was we’ve had a record number of people that have retired or announced their retirements in the month of November from the House,” Crockett added in the hearing. “From everything that I hear, it’s because this body has become completely unserious.” Even Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican who was ousted earlier this year from a stint as House Speaker, is leaving. So is a close political ally of his, North Carolina’s Patrick McHenry, who led proceedings in between McCarthy’s removal and his replacement by Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson.

Watch Crockett below: