Obamacare Flies Past Donald Trump In Latest Surveys, Rebuking The GOP


Recent polling from Morning Consult shows Obamacare — as the landmark health care law the Affordable Care Act is popularly known — significantly ahead of Trump himself!

Donald Trump, the ex-president-turned-continued GOP front-runner in the party’s presidential nomination race, has recently again been talking up the possibility of going after the law, though Republicans have largely failed in the years since its enactment including the period towards the beginning of Trump’s presidential term when his party controlled Congress and the White House. But that’s not stopping Trump, whose administration argued (unsuccessfully) in federal court for the law’s end without a replacement plan enacted and in place, meaning the many Americans covered by Medicaid expansion or better health coverage access via the marketplace would have been just booted.

Among registered voters, Morning Consult found just recently that 57 percent approved of Obamacare. That portion included 56 percent of independents and even 28 percent of Republicans, with now just 57 percent of the GOP actively opposing it, a drop from late 2022 of 12 percent. And nationally, polling from YouGov and The Economist (an often active polling duo) recently found Trump with 41 percent of the support… putting the ex-president a full 16 percent behind his predecessor’s well-known health care law.

Morning Consult also found advantages for Joe Biden against Trump and Congressional Democrats against Republicans on the question of who Americans trust to handle health care. As for that YouGov polling, which ended December 5, Democrats actually led on the question of which party that respondents would pick in their local Congressional races in the next election. Perhaps more compellingly though, Democrats have consistently posted positive results in elections held as 2024 approaches. Florida had a special election Tuesday for a state legislative seat in which Democrats significantly over-performed — reportedly by ten percent — their margins from the 2020 presidential race, though that wasn’t enough to flip the seat’s control. Still, that trend is consistent.