Ex-Jan. 6 Investigator Condemns Jim Jordan For Hypocrisy On Subpoenas


During a recent appearance on CNN, Adam Kinzinger — a former Republican Congressman — condemned Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) over what Kinzinger saw to be Jordan’s glaring hypocrisy.

In short, Jordan currently leads the House Judiciary Committee, and in that position, he’s been helping guide the GOP’s burgeoning impeachment inquiry targeting the president. Republicans recently subpoenaed testimony from the president’s son Hunter Biden, and the younger Biden showed up in D.C. to testify… publicly, which Republicans made a show of claiming fell short of his Congressional subpoena obligations. Jordan himself, though, has a history of effectively flouting Congressional subpoena obligations!

“Jim Jordan is an absolute hypocrite,” Kinzinger said. “Jim Jordan, in front of the Rules Committee, when we were talking about holding Steve Bannon or somebody in contempt, he said in front of the Rules Committee that the Department of Justice and the FBI should be the ones investigating Donald Trump, and that would be their role. Now, of course, he’s against the Department of Justice and the FBI investigating Donald Trump. He’s for the sanctity of the subpoena by U.S. Congress until he’s the one that gets subpoenaed by U.S. Congress.”

Republicans have been seeking evidence that might connect the president to ostensibly corrupt business dealings involving family members, but evidence substantiating such a connection just hasn’t emerged. Republicans have pressed forward anyway, voting this week to formally authorize the impeachment inquiry they’ve already been conducting on a more informal basis. Republicans have yet to set up any public testimony from a single individual alleged to have personally witnessed corruption. Concerns around Hunter first testifying in private, which is what Republicans wanted, centered on the possibility for bad actors to basically establish a public narrative separate from the facts of whatever Hunter actually said.

The House committee that investigated January 6, of which Kinzinger was a member, subpoenaed Jordan amid questions about his communications with Trump on the day of the riot. Jordan never testified.