Fani Willis Slaps Down Idea Of Giving Trump Special Treatment In Criminal Case


Speaking with CNN, Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said in new remarks that her prosecution team would, at the suitable juncture, be recommending “appropriate” sentences — a category obviously including prison — in their Trump case. With charges against most defendants (save several who’ve pleaded guilty) still active, Willis has alleged a wide-ranging, criminal conspiracy targeting the 2020 election results from Georgia.

“I think that everyone in society is the same, and I don’t know why that’s such a difficult concept for people,” Willis said when asked about whether Trump would be jailed. “You can look at the charges, and based on those charges, we’ll be recommending appropriate sentences. No one gets a special break because of their status.” It would be up to the judge after eventual trial to impose an actual sentence on the ex-president, as is routine.

Footage of Willis’ remarks, first aired on CNN, was highlighted by Raw Story.

Significant attention remains on Trump’s related criminal case from federal prosecutors, in which Special Counsel Jack Smith is seeking the Supreme Court’s intervention to more quickly resolve a dispute over whether Trump holds wide-ranging presidential immunity so trial can move forward. Trump’s team is arguing that he holds extremely extensive legal protections by virtue of his time in office that should stop almost all criminal consequences associated with actions he took within the so-called outer perimeter of power. In a recent filing with that high court, Smith and his team argued accepting Trump’s contentions would significantly impair what past rulings already established as essential lawmaking functions of Congress.

Trump continues claiming the now four criminal cases he is facing are political, for which there remains no real evidence. Neither is there evidence for involvement by President Joe Biden or the president’s political team. Check out Willis’ remarks below: