More Say Trump Is NOT Mentally Fit For The Presidency In New Survey


In recent polling from Ipsos and ABC News, half of respondents said they do not believe that Donald Trump has the “mental sharpness it takes to serve effectively as president.” The portion surpassed those contending that Trump does possess that level of mental fortitude, who were 47 percent of the total.

The same question was asked of these respondents covering President Joe Biden, and his margin was actually worse, so the group participating in the survey wasn’t simply particularly opposed specifically to Trump at the outset. In public, Trump has repeatedly claimed the opposite about his personal state, asserting he’s what he’s termed a “stable genius.” In reality, he continues to go so far afield of basic reality that he keeps denying the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election’s outcome, despite the consistent findings from recognized, credible authorities that it was secure.

Trump is defining much of his unfolding campaign for another term in office by complaining about the past, particularly via rehashing his lies about the election held four years ago.

Should he regain the presidency, he’s also talked about potentially pardoning participants in the Capitol riot of early 2021 and clamored for increasing the aggression in federal immigration policy. For both Trump and many other Republicans in prominent positions across elected office, that’s been a key focus: the border, with claims from the Right about what’s transpiring there that remain just untrue. The border is not “open.” Enforcement by federal personnel continues, as a series of figures actually involved in these efforts have attested to Congress! There is no real-world “invasion.”

Trump, though, has also been claiming that Democrats are angling to sign up undocumented immigrants to vote… a conspiracy theory for which there’s no proof. And amid these pushes, he’s claimed that Biden has been essentially on the take from foreign sources, raking in money… although there is literally no direct proof there either, with Trump’s own businesses the ones that evidence actually shows were getting paid by foreign sources.