Democratic Challenger Accumulates Millions More In Campaign Cash Than Cancun Ted Cruz


Colin Allred, a Democratic Congressman running in hopes of later this year unseating Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), has announced that he now has millions more in cash on hand — meaning available money — than the infamous Republican, whose latest fundraising figures come from a total of three officially recognized, campaigning-involved entities.

Allred’s total in cash on hand at the close of last year was reportedly $10 million, significantly surpassing the more than $7.3 million recorded at the same point across the three financial operations associated with Cruz. Cruz’s total fundraising for the fourth quarter of last year, meaning the three-month period ending at the close of December, slightly passed Allred — but some of the money can’t even go towards the Texan’s own campaign because it’s originating with an entity called a leadership PAC. Cruz’s leadership PAC can financially support other candidates.

And the money raised at Cruz’s main campaign account was, in fact, somewhat lower than Allred’s total at the parallel campaign entity. Allred is apparently far surpassing the fundraising done by other Democrats in the Texas Senate primaries, a list including Roland Gutierrez, currently a state legislator.

Recent polling from Emerson College that was conducted among registered voters found that either Allred or Gutierrez would seemingly have a good shot to defeat Cruz, with the Republican’s lead against the latter under a single percentage point! The difference in performances by the Democrats seemingly wasn’t significant enough for conclusive comparisons on the strength of their campaigns against Cruz.

Democrats have often done well in fundraising, and it’s not necessarily indicative of eventual success in elections. The party is considered to have a particularly tough map of Senate races this year, with Democrats on track to defend Senate seats in close or GOP-leaning states like Montana, Ohio, and Arizona. Cruz, meanwhile, is sticking with Trump, having recently endorsed the former president. Cruz once ran against Trump in a GOP presidential primary, but the Texan went on to help advance ambitions against electoral votes rightfully won by Joe Biden four years later, propping up conspiracy theories suggesting or asserting imaginary fraud behind the Democrat’s win.