Raskin Demands House GOP’s ‘Bumbling’ Impeachment Probe Be Shut Down


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) accused House Republicans of flouting the Constitution in their continuing pursuit of ostensible answers around the president’s son Hunter Biden, whose ostensible corruption is part of an impeachment case the GOP seems desperate to try and build against President Joe Biden.

Recently, Raskin’s committee heard (on a voluntary basis, meaning he wasn’t subpoenaed) from Kevin Morris, an associate of the younger Biden who, like has been previously said amid this probe, indicated the older Biden “was not involved in, did not profit from, and took no official actions in relation to Morris and Hunter Biden’s relationship.” Morris’ relationship with Hunter Biden includes previously buying his art, around which committee members also recently heard from a gallery owner who represents Biden, having previously exhibited his work.

There was nothing there, either. Georges Bergès told panel members that there was neither involvement in nor knowledge of the inner workings of the art sales by the president, distancing him yet again from potentially covert income and ideas of basically a secret quid pro quo. And after the discussion with Morris, Raskin asserted that the Republicans directing the continuing probe were operating outside the Constitutionally originating outlines for Congress’ work. Like Dems have consistently done throughout the House’s current control by Republicans and concurrent cascade of attempts at investigation, Raskin also accused the GOP of positioning themselves to essentially advance Donald Trump’s political interests.

“The evidence consistently debunks the GOP’s lies about President Biden at the heart of this aimless, storm-tossed fishing expedition,” Raskin said Thursday. “Instead of facts or evidence, House Republicans are just pursuing the political revenge demanded by former President Donald Trump. Harassing President Biden’s adult son—who already has a Special Counsel working full-time on his case—is not a legitimate constitutional duty. Nor is chasing after anyone the President’s son has ever come into contact with, including his gallerist and art dealer last week and his lawyer and good friend today. This bumbling inquiry should be brought to a halt.”