Hillary Clinton Gives Trump A Reality Check: She Beat Him In New Hampshire


Hillary Clinton, 2016 Democratic nominee for president in the race against Donald Trump, gave her old opponent a reality check on Wednesday.

The preceding day, Trump secured a victory in Republicans’ presidential primary in New Hampshire, though his initially reported lead over his closest rival Nikki Haley was smaller than some might have expected. Trump barely surpassed an outright majority of the vote from Republicans’ primary. Characteristically, the ex-president and continued front-runner for the GOP’s nomination tried to project confidence, however. In a victory speech, he claimed a past record of success in general election results from New Hampshire that simply doesn’t exist. He’s actually lost the state twice, including to Clinton.

Posting an image of election results from the state in 2016 and 2020, Clinton wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Trump last night: “We won New Hampshire three times now… We win the primary, we win the generals.” Reality: Um…”. Trump did come somewhat close to winning in 2016, but he sunk in 2020 when facing current President Joe Biden. “You know we won New Hampshire three times now three. We win it every time. We win the primary. We win the generals. We won it and it’s a very, very special place to me,” Trump lied to his audience after his Tuesday win.

As previously reported on this site, polling suggests that Trump will go on to lose New Hampshire in the general election if his expected rematch with Biden materializes. A recent poll by Marist College found Biden leading Trump in the state by seven percentage points when one-on-one, which could be closest to the actual results since precedent suggests candidates outside the two major parties actually getting very small shares of the vote when the rhetorical rubber meets the road, no matter what survey data is suggesting in the interim. Ultimately, the state could be well indicative of general problems for Republicans in swing/”purple” areas with Trump as their party’s torchbearer.