House GOP Reminded Trump Has 91 Charges As Attack On Biden Misfires


A recent post on X (formerly Twitter) from the official account for the U.S. House’s Republican Conference — meaning the main party organization for Republicans in the chamber — misfired.

Whatever party messaging team was precisely responsible for it, they were trying to say that President Joe Biden has fallen short and shouldn’t be president. Biden faced an investigation around the uncovering of classified materials in locations associated with him. In colossal contrast to you-know-who, Biden was compliant, and the consistency of ex-President Twitterfingers’ insistence on trying to keep disputed documents was absent. Republicans glossed over this!

“A man who can’t even be held responsible for mishandling classified information properly has absolutely no business occupying the Oval Office,” the GOP post said.

Grammatical miscalculations aside, the post attracted extensive attention on the site as users reminded Republicans their trumped up concerns about Biden applied better to Trump. Trump has been criminally charged, facing allegations both directly covering him having a cache of government documents at all and covering alleged obstruction perpetrated amid federal outreach and investigations. And though he’s not been convicted, there’s an assumption of arguability to the claims, which were effectively furthered already by the grand jury tasked with approving the indictment before it moved forward.

“Gotta be a bad attempt at a Jedi mind trick, right?” former U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling quipped online. Others posted images of government documents uncovered amid the Trump case at the former president’s southern Florida resort Mar-a-Lago. Comments can be seen alongside Republicans’ post here and here.

Trump has argued that he has wide-ranging legal protections by mere virtue of once serving as president that should shield him from the possibility of criminal prosecution for actions taken amid his responsibilities in the role. These arguments have repeatedly failed so far, however. Trump has tried to apply the claims to what he was doing after the last presidential election in attempting to hold the White House despite losing.