Oversight Panel Member Accuses House GOP Of Doing Russia’s Bidding


In a recent interview on CNN, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.), who serves on the House Oversight Committee, accused Republicans of doing the bidding of Russian intelligence circles after bribery allegations implicating the Bidens that Republicans extensively promoted fell apart.

The then-informant responsible for the claims, which federal authorities formally documented — producing materials eventually released by Republicans, was indicted for allegedly lying and was tied in public details to foreign intelligence circles.

“Wittingly or unwittingly, House Republicans have been acting as an agent or an asset of Russian intelligence, for Vladimir Putin,” Goldman alleged. “This whole Burisma thing was debunked during the first impeachment investigation in 2019 by numerous, numerous witnesses — all of them experts on Ukraine and Russia. […] I would like to know whether or not Senator Grassley, who had a copy of this 1023 before the FBI ever gave it, or Chairman Comer, or Chairman Jordan […] had any idea whether or not it was completely bogus and was in fact a plant by Russian intelligence.”

Top Republicans like Reps. James Comer (Ky.) and Jim Jordan (Ohio) were part of publicizing the claims about the Bidens, which involved millions of dollars in bribe money supposedly originating with leadership at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. In tandem, House Republicans launched an ongoing impeachment inquiry targeting the president, conducting a series of generally private interviews so far and failing throughout this process to conclusively connect Biden to real-world corruption, though their ambitious investigation continues.

They seem significantly less concerned with the indications of substantial payments from foreign government sources for Trump businesses while Donald was in office as president or the indications of large sums tracing to Saudi leadership going to Trump’s businesses since he exited power via Trump properties hosting events for LIV Golf, a still new league. House Democrats publicized details on the alleged foreign payments at Trump properties including his defunct hotel that operated in D.C.