Congressional Testimony From Donald Trump Proposed By Oversight Panel Member


Responding to a quickly derided push unveiled by House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) for testimony by President Joe Biden amid an impeachment inquiry led by House Republicans, Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) said he’d be seeking testimony in turn from ex-President Donald Trump.

The Biden inquiry led by Republicans focuses on supposed questions suggesting ties between the president, his family, and corrupt financial/business interests. So far, Republicans have seemingly failed to outright connect the president to even his family’s wide-ranging business activities, not to mention the prospect of the alleged corruption.

Republicans recently heard from the president’s son Hunter Biden himself, who’s often named in these theories of corruption ensnaring the president, and Hunter was consistent in asserting that his father wasn’t even involved in his business activities. Hunter’s assertions covered even his recent work in contemporary art, which House Republicans have scrutinized.

And GOP witness Tony Bobulinski, appearing recently before the House Oversight Committee, struggled when asked by panel member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to define the specific crimes he was alleging of the president.

“In the coming days, I will invite former President Donald Trump to the House Oversight Committee to provide his own testimony and explain why his family received tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries with his assistance,” Moskowitz wrote online, using language drawn from Comer’s post on the same social media platform (X, formerly Twitter) about seeking testimony from the president.

A variety of financial flows lie behind the “tens of millions” that Moskowitz referenced, including millions and millions from foreign government-tied sources reportedly accumulated by Trump business entities during the first parts of his time in office. Democrats on the Oversight panel publicized details of these evident payments, with top panel Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin (Md.) pushing for Trump to effectively return the money via sending the amount to the U.S. Treasury for alleged violations.