Biden Soars Past Trump Among Women Voters By Astronomical Margins In Latest Data


New polling from Quinnipiac University finds a huge lead among women for President Joe Biden against Donald Trump in their electoral rematch expected for later this year.

The polling was completed on March 25, and among registered voters, a full 60 percent of the women said that they supported Biden, while only 35 percent went with Trump with the two going one-on-one. The lead for Biden mirrors general trends already seen in earlier campaign and election data, though these margins are particularly large.

Notably, Biden also led nationally in this polling, with a lead against Trump of three percent. Biden had 48 percent of the support, while Trump nabbed 45 percent, though overall, national outcomes in voting later this year are less critical in the eventual selection of the next president, which instead rests on election results in individual states. Still, Biden led Trump nationally in the results from 2020 by over four percentage points while also winning sufficiently in individual states to give him a majority in the sometimes infamous electoral college, so national numbers can be somewhat indicative of presidential elections’ ultimate outcomes.

And this lead for Biden breaks with some recent polling that has shown Trump in the lead nationally, though Trump’s leads — extensive attention aside — have repeatedly been very small, making it difficult to draw particularly sweeping conclusions from that data.

Both Trump and Biden are now more formally on track for the already expected rematch between them in this year’s general election after reaching the support necessary within their respective parties’ primary processes to officially nab their respective parties’ presidential nominations later this year. Neither Trump nor Biden faced primary challenges that went particularly far, though those announcing campaigns against Trump were once numerous. A large share of those ultimately failed candidates, from Tim Scott to Ron DeSantis and beyond, went on to just endorse Trump.