D.C. Police Officer Blasts Those Who Try Appeasing Capitol Rioters, Dubbing Them Greedy Cowards


Discussing a new documentary on the events in Washington, D.C., of January 6, 2021, the city’s Metropolitan Police Department Officer Daniel Hodges condemned those who would shirk from a direct confrontation with the forces that created the day’s violence.

“Fun Fact: When @Netflix was approached about running the film, they declined, saying that they wanted to remain “neutral” this election year,” said Hodges on X, the site formerly called Twitter. “Appeasing insurrectionists isn’t neutral. Not wanting to anger the Trump cult isn’t impartial; it’s cowardice and greed.”

Following Netflix’s reported rejection, the film is evidently set to become available on rival streaming service Amazon Prime next month.

Hodges is among the police officers who participated in the defense of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., on that fateful day in early 2021, sustaining injuries in the process. He’s also been already outspoken about his experiences, starting in part with participation in a hearing of the House committee that investigated the Capitol riot (and circumstances leading up to it) but continuing to the present. Hodges, like others in law enforcement affected by the day’s events, has participated in some of the court proceedings against individuals charged for alleged rioting. That participation has prominently been in the form of impact statements, meaning comments delivered in court about Hodges’ or another individual’s experience of the core conduct at issue.

Trump himself, meanwhile, is sticking by his arguments for pardons and/or the release of defendants with criminal allegations originating in that day’s violence in the event he successfully regains power this year. President Joe Biden, in a recent interview with Spanish-language media, pointed to Trump’s stance on the Capitol riot and alleged participants in deeming the former president the biggest threat to democracy in the United States.