Trump Freaks Out On Twitter Because No One Was Fired From ABC For Criticizing Him


For everyone who’s been waiting to see what Trump’s response to Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets against Valerie Jarrett would be, it came on Wednesday and, of course, he made it all about him and how unfair everyone has been to him.

Rosie O’Donnell, Megyn Kelly, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Kirsten Gillibrand haven’t received their apology phone calls from Trump, either.

Trump’s supporters, who are for the most part also Roseanne Barr fans, have twisted themselves into knots trying to defend the TV sitcom star’s racist tweets referring to President Obama’s former senior adviser as a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. Roseanne herself has intermittently apologized, told supporters not to defend her because what she said was wrong, lashed out at critics and costars who’ve criticized her, doubled down on her racist statements, blamed Ambien, claimed that she thought Jarrett was white, and vowed to quit Twitter before staying awake and tweeting all of those conflicting things.

Regardless of Bill Maher’s jokes about Trump being related to a baboon, or Kathy Griffin’s offensive (but not racist) photo shoot holding Trump’s severed head, or Stephen Colbert’s jokes about sexual tension between Trump and Putin, those are not racist statements and did not degrade an entire race of people. Michelle Wolf’s jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ makeup, lies, and “ugly personality” aren’t either. Most of all, the media’s reporting on Trump, whether or not he likes their reports, are not racist and do not compare to Barr’s senseless and disgusting tweets.

At least some people on Twitter seemed to understand this. Read some of their comments below.

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson