Trump Wigs Out & Launches Into Paranoid Sunday Twitter Mega-Rant Like A Scared Old Man


Donald Trump is having an especially difficult time lately dealing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Desperate and unable to stop the oncoming train that’s rolling over his former campaign members and current administration, the president has taken to levying wild accusations and excuses on Twitter to cover his panic.

Trump knew exactly who Paul Manafort was when he hired him. His excuse about Manafort having come “into the campaign very late” does not excuse the fact that Trump hired a man with a very questionable past to run his campaign.

As a general rule, investigators do not tip off the associates of people they are investigating. Trump absolutely was told that Russian hackers were attempting to upend the democratic system during the 2016 campaigns and instead of working with the FBI to stop it or being honest with his voters about what was happening, he chose to ask Russia to commit even more illegal acts of hacking to find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.¬†Tipping this man off to the crimes of one of his friends would not have been a wise move.

No one has been “working Paul Manafort over.” He’s being investigated for criminal activity. If Trump had not chosen to align himself with ruthless men willing to do anything, even things outside the rule of law, for most of his career, he would not have hired Paul Manafort. Taking accountability is not exactly Trump’s strong suit, but perhaps this is a good time to start, unless Manafort was just an “unpaid volunteer” who fetched coffee.

Let’s also not pretend that Manafort was the only criminal in Trump’s campaign team.

Twitter had their own thoughts on Trump’s Sunday morning rant. Read some of their comments below.

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