Parasite Kellyanne Conway Makes Disgusting Remarks About Trump’s Accusers (VIDEO)


What does it take for Donald Trump to come down hard on people he likes? He supported alleged child molester, Roy Moore in the Alabama senate race. Now, the president is claiming that he just found out that Chief of Staff John Kelly knew a wife abuser was at the highest security level job for Trump. The guy could not even get a security clearance. This is crazy.

Rob Porter was the White House staff secretary, which sounds like a little job, but every document that went to the president passed over his desk. He appeared in nearly every Trump photograph. Yet, the FBI told Kelly about the evidence against the staff secretary, and the chief of staff kept the information quiet, allegedly. Porter has since resigned.

Talking head and White House counsel, Kellyanne Conway, appeared with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and stood up for Kelly:

‘Conway: Trump’s accusers “have had their day:”‘

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ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos interviewed Conway on This Week, and she claimed that the president had full confidence Kelly and Communications Director Hope Hicks. The communications director is currently in a relationship with Porter and helped write Kelly’s response to the situation. Trump has treated her like a second (or third) daughter.

Conway told Stephanopoulos:

‘I spoke with the president last night about this very issue and he wanted me to reemphasize to everyone, including this morning, that he has full confidence in his current chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly, and that he is not actively searching for replacements.’

She continued:

‘He also has full confidence in Hope Hicks, his communications director and long-serving aide. There are a lot of I think unsourced and thinly-sourced stories out there, but when it comes to those two individuals, the president … has full confidence in their performance.’

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